Written by Bert Stragier

Five tips on how to write a clear email

Do I have to read all that? What is actually expected from me? By when should I do this? If you have ever had similar thoughts during or after reading an email, something clearly went wrong. Here are five tips on how to write short, clear emails. Your colleagues, customers and suppliers will appreciate them.


What’s the best solution for you: Instagram or Pinterest?

Instagram and Pinterest are both well-known, fast-growing social media for visual content, but which one is the right marketing tool for you?


No online strategy without SEO, as proven by these figures

Search engine optimisation – SEO for short – will improve your website’s score in search engine results. Your website will have more visitors, which will increase the chance of conversions considerably. If you want to sell more products online, push up registrations to your newsletter, or increase your number of followers on social media, SEO must be part of your content strategy, as illustrated by these figures.