Written by Joanna Ryckaert

There is no such thing as the ideal length for an email subject line

‘The shorter the better’ would seem to be the ground rule for subject lines. So does this mean there’s a link between the number of characters in the subject line and the open rate in email marketing? Several studies cast doubt on this theory.


5 tips for B2B organisations on Twitter

How do you address a professional audience on Twitter? What do you post and who do you follow? Cypres recently broached the subject with communication manager Jan Steurs and he was kind enough to share his top five tips for tweeting B2B companies.


4 types of content audits – which one suits you best?

A content audit sounds like a clever plan, but how does it work? We’ll briefly discuss the purpose of a content audit and then look at 4 audit types to give you an idea of where to start.