Collaboration, co-creation and community building

Video: Collaborative economy expert Benjamin Tincq explains the power of communities

Platforms such as Airbnb, Kickstarter and Uber have become very popular in recent years and are still gaining traction, even beyond the segment of digital natives. Collaborative economy expert Benjamin Tincq knows why that is. As the founder of OuiShare, a platform that studies and helps spur collaborative initiatives across the globe, he knows exactly what makes communities tick.


Video: Media psychologist Mischa Coster on why you portray yourself better online than in real life

It is not at all surprising that people are projecting a much more positive image of themselves on Facebook, and this even without being aware of it. Media psychologist, Mischa Coster, explains why this is the case and also why social media have become so firmly anchored into our society.


The collaborative economy and its impact on content

The collaborative economy is disrupting industries all over the world. The power is shifting from the established order to the community – that is, you, me and us. What impact is this shift having on content creation?


Co-creation or crowdsourcing? A psychological approach

Co-creation or crowdsourcing - Mischa Coster

Co-creation and crowdsourcing are two technical terms that are frequently confused with one another. Both concern involving a group of users or readers in the creation of a piece of content, but when is it best to use which one?


User-generated content and content strategy

Anyone using your service or product is sure to have interesting things to say. But what they share and how they do it is something you can’t predict. Sue Davis and Nancy Duin show how you can include user-generated content in your content strategy.