Guest speaker Valentina D’Efilippo on the power of infographics

Valentina D’Efilippo is presently giving an interview on visual storytelling in The Content Room. This interview will acquaint you with the multidisciplinary designer and co-author of ‘World History in Infographics’.


Power To The People: Unmissable Keynotes of The Next Web Europe 2014

The Next Web Europe 2014: Power To The People

In the digital age the world can be altered more than ever for and by people, either as consumers, as part of a start-up, or simply as individuals. This was proven by this edition of The Next Web (Amsterdam, 24-25 april), although there was also another side to the coin.


What is ‘The Future of the Internet’? 2014 Phare Conference Recap

Phare Conference 2014

The third edition of the Phare Conference was an unprecedented success. A full house, huge social media activity and scores of interesting speakers, even if not everyone gave a glimpse into the future of the web.