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4 ways to generate leads and qualify them through content

Content marketing is one of the most popular ways of generating leads. A staggering 91% of B2B marketers use content to collect details of potential customers. How do you collect leads? And how do you qualify them?


5 tips for B2B organisations on Twitter

How do you address a professional audience on Twitter? What do you post and who do you follow? Cypres recently broached the subject with communication manager Jan Steurs and he was kind enough to share his top five tips for tweeting B2B companies.


What’s the best solution for you: Instagram or Pinterest?

Instagram and Pinterest are both well-known, fast-growing social media for visual content, but which one is the right marketing tool for you?


5 quick tips for putting together a strong social media strategy

Social media are the word-of-mouth advertising of the 21st century, and so more than ever they form a crucial part of the content marketing plan of companies. Social media can bring products and services quickly – and measurably – to the attention of consumers, right at the centre of where they live.


Video: Media psychologist Mischa Coster on why you portray yourself better online than in real life

It is not at all surprising that people are projecting a much more positive image of themselves on Facebook, and this even without being aware of it. Media psychologist, Mischa Coster, explains why this is the case and also why social media have become so firmly anchored into our society.


Co-creation or crowdsourcing? A psychological approach

Co-creation or crowdsourcing - Mischa Coster

Co-creation and crowdsourcing are two technical terms that are frequently confused with one another. Both concern involving a group of users or readers in the creation of a piece of content, but when is it best to use which one?