Where can you find the best PDF browser for your magazine?

You have your print magazine. You are ready to distribute it to your employees or customers. But what if they prefer to read the magazine online? Will you need to invest more in an online version?

No, you won’t. There are solutions that can give existing magazines an online life without much effort. These so-called browsers can help you out.

These tools allow you to convert the formatted pages of your magazine into an online magazine. The online magazine can be browsed on a computer, tablet, iPad and smartphone, possibly enriched with links and dynamic content.

How online do you want your magazine to be?

There are no limits as to what you can do to enrich the online version of your magazine to make it as fascinating as possible. "Online readers expect an online experience with audio, video, links, share buttons and so on," experts say. Of course they are right. If you would like to offer such an enriched experience, we advise you to discuss a digital remake of your magazine. This is perfectly possible.

This blog post offers a solution for organisations seeking to publish their print magazine online without a digital remake.

Here is a list of the pros and cons:

5 biggest advantages of an online magazine

  1. You can offer the magazine to some of your audience online. They can read it on a computer, tablet or smartphone. This saves on printing, shipping and stamps.
  2. It costs next to nothing to have a magazine in PDF format converted to an online, browsable magazine by online providers or your agency.
  3. You add valuable content to your site. If you want, any visitor can read your magazine for free.
  4. You do not need to remake the print magazine. There will be no new styling costs.
  5. Readers can like and share what they think is cool. Just as print magazines can be passed on, your digital magazine may end up in the most unexpected places ... To enthuse new employees and customers about your story.

5 biggest disadvantages of an online magazine

  1. Your audience expects interactivity when reading something online. If they can’t click, chances are they won’t read much.
  2. Without a digital remake, no additional experience will be created. No video, audio, multiple pictures with one article, Flash ads, etc.
  3. Because your magazine was designed for print, it is not always ideal to read it on a screen. Often the small screen is showing a huge amount of text.
  4. Reading behaviour is not measurable. You will not collect any leads or information about customers, employees or prospects to improve your magazine or increase your sales.
  5. The magazine circulates openly on the internet. It can also be read by people your magazine might not be intended for.

If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, we will go for it. Testing is also never a bad idea.

Interesting PDF browsers

Many tools on the market allow you to convert a print magazine into an online browsable one.


Issuu is the most popular browser. It is the YouTube of the magazine world. After logging in, you can use Issuu to upload your PDF magazine, enter some details, such as the summary and company, and open your magazine up to whomever you want. Your audience can browse through it, share it and like it on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Your Issuu page will show all your magazines together and you can also embed your magazine in your site. All completely free. There is also a paid version with more features.

Online Touch

With the Belgian tool Online Touch, publications open directly in your browser. Your customers or employees can also use it on their mobile. Simple. Upload your PDF and add interactivity. This tool optimises your magazine for iOS and Android, allows the content to be picked up by search engines and has a find function for readers. Starts at 75 euros per publication with a free trial version.

PDF online

This tool by Netherlands-based Buro Zero makes it easy for you to create an online browser. You upload your PDF in PDF online, you select the options and you will receive the link to your digital PDF magazine by email. You can then upload this file to your own site. Clear pricing from 28.50 euros without a subscription. You pay slightly more for a conversion to HTML5 for tablet compatibility.

Digitaal Publiceren

The Dutch tool Digitaal Publiceren also allows your magazine to be distributed by DVD, CD and USB flash drive. You receive an HTML code to easily post your magazine to your website with your own corporate identity. Pricing is per publication or with a bundle rate for several publications. From 50 euros.

How do you select your browser?

Do you want to appeal to a wider audience? Share the magazine on social media? Enrich the content with video, audio and links? Improve your ranking in Google?

Make sure to check whether the browser of your choice also works well on mobile devices. The above browsers are excellent choices in this regard, although they sometimes charge extra for this option.

If your budget allows the creation of a real online magazine with or without the content from your print magazine, be inspired by this responsive magazine we created for EURid and discuss the possibilities with your Cypres expert.