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The rule of three

We assist you in setting up a small project, developing a campaign or deploying a long-term content programme.

Our keys to success are based on three principles

1. Your target group is our starting point

It is only by listening carefully to your stakeholders that we can create content that meets their expectations, and even exceeds them.

2. Media and technologies come only in second place

What counts is to deliver the right content at the right time to the right people.

3. The content is planned, create and maintained

We focus on the content lifecycle.

Our method depends on your needs

Separate content projects

Consider for example brochures, catalogues, newsletters, reports, websites, etc. We adapt them to your target audience and make them useful, usable and attractive thanks to a successful design.

However, individual projects also have their limitations. Your communications will be more coherent and effective if you integrate them into a broader context. We can help you.

Content campaigns

These are more effective than individual projects because they integrate content products and channels that mutually reinforce one another such as banners, a micro-site or an e-mailing.

But if a campaign has a limited lifespan its effects will diminish rapidly over time. We therefore often develop content programmes.


Content programmes

These occur 365 days per year and include all the media you need to continuously communicate with your target group. This ensures that your customers, employees and other stakeholders have access to relevant information at all times.

Content programmes are taking on a growing importance in communication strategies.