Are you fascinated by the role that content can play in the building of relations between a brand and its target group?
Would you like to work in a growing company with a clear vision on today’s communication landscape, both on- and offline.
The communication agency Cypres plans, makes and manages cross-media content and content strategies for its clients.

We are looking for

  • a senior content account manager
  • a senior content project manager
  • a content strategist

Sr Content Account Manager

Are you a driven communication manager with a creative spirit? Are you focused on your assignments when you work? Especially in a B2B environment?

We are looking for a Senior Account Manager for an immediate start. A talented individual who can work together with the Cypres team to translate clients’ requests into appropriate content solutions. 

You are an advisor to the client

  • You represent the client at Cypres.
  • You ensure that the client gets maximum value from Cypres.
  • You maintain the relationship with the client.
  • At all times throughout the entire process, from the design to the launching phase (strategy, concept, performance, timing, budget, etc.), you ensure the highest quality standards are met.
  • From the perspective of the client, you monitor the budget, the timing, the strategy and the creation itself.
  • You check the work satisfies the demands of the briefing.
  • And if the dimensions or the goals of the assignment change during the creative or production process, you make sure to follow it up with the client and the internal team.
  • You are the pillar of strength and understanding the client can rely on in the event of problems or issues.
  • It is your responsibility to evaluate the completed assignment and make recommendations for improvement.​

You direct the internal collaboration

  • You make sure a request from a client is translated into an assignment for the company.
  • You ensure the assignment is performed by a team of internal and external colleagues who see eye-to-eye when it comes to strategy and creativity.
  • Together with the project manager, you create a budget and schedule which you then present and advocate to the client.
  • You submit strategic and creative work to the client and as necessary, you explain or substantiate it (together with the strategy and creative approach).

You work for cypres

  • You represent Cypres to the client.
  • You make the most of the financial opportunity with the client to deepen client relations.
  • You identify market opportunities and recruit new clients and projects.

You’re curious

  • You contribute to the development of a long-term vision on account management and new business development.
  • You contribute to the development of processes, tools and continuous improvement cycles to optimise account management and new business development.

Your profile

  • You have seven to ten years of experience in content marketing, preferably in the B2B world.
  • You have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Marketing or a related field.
  • You combine strategic insight with knowledge of the different means of communication.
  • You are a driven manager with a creative spirit. You focus on your assignment when working in a team and in multiple projects at the same time.
  • Independent and well-organised, you are immune to stress.
  • Your communication is excellent, whether on paper or in spoken words.
  • You have a thorough knowledge of Dutch and English or French.
  • With an eye for detail and quality workmanship, you are sensitive to the nuances of language.
  • You constantly see opportunities for quality improvement. 

Interested? Send your cover letter and CV to

Sr Content Project Manager

Are you a driven project manager ready to work in a creative B2B content environment?

We are looking for a Senior Project Manager for an immediate start. You will streamline and target our projects, bringing them to a successful conclusion (based on quality, budget and timing). 

You add extra stability to your assignments

On assignment from an account manager, you devise an action master-plan to deliver a project within the set time and budgetary constraints. You are then the engine that drives the project through to a successful conclusion.

  • You understand the scope of a project
    From your knowledge of different means of communication, you are able to break down a project into smaller, more manageable tasks. You then make budgets and schedules for each of these smaller tasks, but always in view of the overall project.
  • Gather a team of internal and external talent
    You gather internal and external workers to create an effective team that you continually motivate to deliver work of an exceptional standard. You’re all too happy to give a little bit of a pep talk every now and again.

    To make sure the project team moves together from one project task to the next, you organise internal coordination meetings.
  • Monitor timing and budget
    You make sure the project keeps to previously agreed-upon (standardised) workflow systems and processes, to be finished within the budget and deadlines. 

    Within a specific project, you know what every team member needs to do, is doing and whether they will do it on time and within the budget.

    If delays or problems do arise? You keep your cool and look at how the process can be adjusted.
  • Coordinate with the client
    You ensure that, as a loyal, robust supplier, Cypres organises the project in a professional manner that ensures clients always know exactly where they stand. 

    At the same time, you also guide the client as a part of the process.

    Proactive is the keyword here.

You’re curious

  • You contribute to the development of a long-term vision on project management.
  • You contribute to the development of processes, tools and a cycle of continuous improvement, ensuring optimisation of project management, through, for example, digitalisation.

Your profile

  • You have seven to ten years of experience as a project manager in content projects and content marketing, preferably in the B2B world. You preferably have a certificate in project management.       
  • You have experience in project management technology, methods and systems.
  • You know about the processes involved in making various online and offline forms of communication a reality.
  • You are a driven manager with an open and goal-oriented spirit. You are able to work with a team, keeping your focus even when working on multiple projects at once.
  • Independent and well-organised, stress rolls off your back.
  • Your communication is excellent, whether spoken or written.
  • You have a thorough knowledge of Dutch and English or French.
  • You’ve got an eye for details and an ear for language.
  • You see constant opportunities for quality improvement.

Interested? Send your cover letter and CV to

Content strategist

  • You are responsible for organizing text content, writing, collecting, processing, editing, coordinating and updating.
  • You are in charge of digital and cross-media projects, such as websites, newsletters, reports, annual reports, applications, demos, videos and blogs.
  • Your goal? Continuously improve the quality of content and associated processes.
  • If new developments and trends emerge in content creating, content marketing and content management, you're the first to know!

Your tas​ks

  • Copywriting, editing and management of content.
  • You create a first draft based on documentation, research and interviews.
  • You evaluate sources and keep an eye on content revision and workflow.
  • You check translations.
  • You write – or check – proposals and presentations.
  • You reread texts before printing.

Content strategy

  • You perform content audits.
  • You analyze the contents, check sources and identify gaps.
  • Content requirements? The strategy to use? The workflow? You define them in detail.
  • You direct editorial meetings.
  • You set the style and guidelines for the production of content.
  • You coordinate and confirm content reports.

Your assets

Copywriting and editing

  • You write effective texts quickly, you rewrite and reread.
  • Your French is impeccable.
  • No detail escapes you.
  • Writing text on the screen isn’t a problem for you.
  • You are familiar with SEO and social media.
  • You are proficient in research, conducting interviews and collecting content.

Content strategy

  • You analyze content and structure it.
  • You look for a solution to any problem.
  • You are passionate about information architecture, usability and user experience.
  • A plus: experience in information architecture, user experience, content ergonomics strategy, SEO, social media, content management systems, and/or project management.


  • You have good team spirit.
  • You are pragmatic and customer focused.
  • You have a thorough knowledge of Dutch and English or French.
  • You are familiar with MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • This isn’t your first job: you’ve worked several years as a journalist and copywriter for the web or direct mail.

Interested? Send your cover letter and CV to

Student internships

Cypres welcomes students at the masters level who are interested in communication, marketing, design or project management. Submit your application together with a CV and explain your motivation. We expect a commitment of at least one month.

Interested? Send your cover letter and CV to