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Privacy statement & Cookies

We respect your privacy and make sure that the data you provide to us via the website and all other available channels are treated confidentially. This is very important to us. We have always paid a great deal of attention to your privacy and as of 25 May 2018 we will step up our efforts in this respect even further. You can count on us.


1. Transparent
We have created an overview of the data we collect and how they are used. We only collect the data that are strictly necessary. We do not divulge any information to third parties.

2. Full compliance with the GDPR legislation
Our new privacy rules comply with the new requirements of the GDPR legislation.

3. Your rights
You have the right to inspect, correct or remove the personal data we have collected.

By making use of our services after 25 May 2018 (such as downloading our corporate brochure, our content guides or e.g. by subscribing to our newsletter or if you want to be invited to one of our events) you are confirming that you agree with our new privacy policy and that you accept the new rules.
Please find the full version hereafter.

You can register to our newsletter via our website. In doing so you accept that your data may be added to the list of subscribers. Each newsletter contains a link by which you can indicate that you no longer wish to receive the newsletters. We save the data you provide when subscribing:

  • Your email address
  • Your first and last name
  • The language in which you wish to be addressed
  • The company you work for
  • Your position

By subscribing we assume you wish to receive relevant content. Your personal data are not divulged to third parties.

The Content Room
We regularly organise lectures and seminars in the context of ‘The Content Room’. You can sign up for these events via the website or by replying to our invitation. If you have been invited before or if you have attended previous editions then you can also enrol for future editions. If you change your mind afterwards you can cancel with a single mouse click.

Personal details when signing up for an event
When singing up for one of our seminars or events you will be asked to supply personal data. We do not require detailed information, just some basic info to properly process your application.  What information do we need and why?

  • First and last name: so we can be sure your seat is reserved. Your first and last name are also printed on your badge.
  • Position: is also printed on your badge so the other participants will not only know who you are but also what you do for a living.
  • Gender: It is a matter of courtesy to be able to address you correctly.
  • Email address: This is where we send all practical details regarding the event as well as additional materials (e.g. presentations by the speakers, research results, etc.) once the event is concluded.
  • Postal address: This is used for printed invitations or New Year’s cards.
  • Division and company name: This way we can be certain that printed materials are delivered to the intended recipient.
  • Mobile number: For emergencies e.g. in case of last-minute changes.
  • Coming by car? When you sign up for an event we also like to know whether you need a parking space. That is why we ask for your number plate so we can reserve a parking space for you and pay the parking fee ourselves.
  • Past attendance: We keep a record of your past attendance at our events. This way we can avoid inviting you to the same event twice because that would be unprofessional for a consultancy/communication agency.

Third Parties
Your personal data are not divulged to third parties. When sharing them internally (e.g. to make your badge or reserve your parking space) this is done according to procedures that guarantee total confidentiality.

Retention Period
Your personal data are only stored for as long as you allow. The retention period depends on the goal for which the data were obtained or collected and any legal obligations that may apply. For instance, if you have subscribed to our newsletter or signed up for an event you will effectively receive newsletters or invitations to similar events organised by us on a regular basis. In this way we share relevant content that you wish to receive. If you no longer wish to receive such content you can unsubscribe with a single mouse click and your personal data will be deleted. If you have any questions please contact us at

Options for personal data
You can inspect, correct or remove all the personal data you have provided to us. Simply send an email to with a request to inspect, correct or remove your personal data and we will take care of it.


Personal data security
All servers and devices used by our staff are equipped with up-to-date security software such as a virus scanner and firewall and they are protected by a password when not in use by the employee in question. If you ever bring your laptop to our offices then you can safely use our WiFi connection with extra protection.

Functional cookies
We make use of functional cookies in order to optimise the use of our website e.g. so that you do not have to repeat your language choice each time you visit our website.

A cookie is a small file that a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer's hard disk. Please note that if you disable cookies, some of the website’s functionality may be lost.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to monitor how visitors use the website.  These details are stored by Google together with your computer’s IP address.
Google uses this information to evaluate the use of the website and to compile activity-based reports.
Google also uses these data to inform its advertisers about the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google may provide this information to third parties when under a legal obligation to do so or insofar as third parties process the information on behalf of Google. These matters are beyond our control.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google
Our website can be used to promote or share pages via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google icons.  This is done through a code supplied by those sites themselves and which also installs a cookie. These matters are also beyond our control.

Inspection, correction and removal
If you have ever uploaded personal data to our website then you can access these data upon written request. If the data are incorrect or incomplete then you can have them corrected or completed. You can also send us a written request to remove them.
Please send all requests to: Cypres nv,  Privacy Manager, Vaartstraat 131, 3000 Leuven or to

We reserve the right to modify the privacy statement on this website.

Any further questions?
For further details about this privacy statement please contact Cypres, Privacy Manager, Vaartstraat 131, 3000 Leuven, +,